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When my mom was about seven or eight months pregnant with me she was manger of a store. A guy who worked at her store who knew she was pregnant tried to bet her up. He was NOT my dad just to be clear. Anyways, the men in line and some of the employees helped her and through out the guy. I was fine and developed fine. Well i'm still a dork, but that an incurable disease. Also I had something that ran in the family

When I was a little girl I had eye problems. My eyes would cross and I would bump into things. So I went to the doctor. The doctor told my mom that for now I needed to wear a patch on my eye. I was teased and called names like pirate, or cyclops. Even though they were fable excuses for names they still hurt.

After a few months they doctors said I needed immediate surgery, or I would soon go blind. The surgery itself was extremely dangerous expectantly for the time period. The doctors were literary cutting open my eyes. My parents were very worried.

I had the surgery and it indeed was a success. I cried blood for a week and a half, however that was expected.

After that, I saw the world differently. I appreciated colors and life more and with that my eye for art increased as did my vocabulary. These experiences are the main reasons I love art and life. The main reasons I am on here. The main reasons I am an artist.

Current Residence: San Francisco

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My handwriting sucks big time
but right now I gotta pee
or my bladder will explode.
As I'm no mermaid at sea.
I swear I will find a rhyme
if I do it near a tree
or while squatting on the road.
Ode to a lavatory.
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Old things that never saw the light of day. Until now.

Warning these is VERY unedited . These are all long forgotten ideas.
It's goes by best to WORST. In total three works, one AWESOME but I forgot about. Second OKAY I guess. Third UGH!! Don't read. WORST BY FAR!!!

Young Justice

"Okay team, we know what we have to do," these words kept ringing in my head as we left Mount Justice. Robin detonated the bombs. The sounds of the explosion and screams of fear and shock sends chills down my spine. First we were all hero's, then we were wanted criminals, now we are officially dead.  But oh, the way people looked at us. Treated us. It was Mars all over again. There is no other choice. The team could've been killed if we stayed.
We leave the rubble of our old base in camouflage mode in the bio ship, for the streets of Gotham. As we landed I realized it's even worse here. How could this of happened have happened? I asked myself, It's seems like it's getting worse ever since that horrible day. It's total chaos here. Everywhere. I often shed a single tear, knowing it will never be the same again.  We all live in an ugly abandoned apartment, undercover as normal teens. "It's only temporary," Robin often told us. I knew it was just going to get worse.  At times, it just seemed so unreal.

I woke up to Conner's sleeping face. I brushed a hair from his forehead and he sleepily smiled and attempted to open his eyes, but the light that morning was strangely too bright. Conner made a slight grunt and turned his back to the side. Still the warmth of our bodies wrapped me into a peaceful bliss. However, the smell of smoke was in the air, but I thought it was just some car still on fire. So I slowly propped myself up with my elbow, sat up, stretched my arms and walked to the window. I was expecting to see the empty streets filled with the leavings of broken glass, bits of car parts, and any other sign from the previous nights of chaos before below beautifully shining in the light of morning sun. It was one of the only things I enjoyed during that dark time. Instead of this, I saw rising flames from the distance. That's when a sudden outburst of screams hit the city. I jolted back in surprise. Then ran to Conner and the others, waking them up. We quickly got dressed in our normal clothes and raced for the door. When we all finally got out the door, what we say brought tears to my eyes. The raging flames were burning everything in sight. I pleaded to the team for us to help, at first everyone was worried, but after soaking in all the chaos. Aqualad permitted us to help, but we couldn't just draw attention to ourselves. We helped but had to be very cautious.

And that's as far as this goes.

Now this is something I posted A LONG time ago but here it is still not done.


Capital City Prison, Fire Nation

Ozai's Cell  

12:06 AM

"I'm really sorry about what happened  to you. I just think that.... blah blah blah blah" How dare he try to speak to me! That guard has no idea who he's talking to! I don't need his pity. I was a lord. So I replied to his insisting jesters for me to talk with, "hmmp". However, the guard was persistent and kept talking. "Maybe if you weren't so harsh on Fire Lord Zuko.....," he muttered on.  Maybe if. What does he mean maybe if! I was the phoenix king! I am the phoenix king! How dare... Wait. What did he say? " Ahem did you say Fire Lord Zuko ?" I asked. " Why yes I did my lord.. I mean Ozai." I smiled a little at his little slip up. I could use that later... However, I still can't believe that my son has become Fire Lord and Azula is the is an Asylum. I thought It would be long before this would happen. The guard left soon after his " slip of the tongue" to check in the other prisoners.

There is this ones end.

Next is a back round story for her. Water bender me OC by h2ogirl98 A long forgotten O.C  her is the beginning of her tale < WARNING IT SUUCCKKS!!!!>


Hello, my name is Soatikee. ( So - et - I - key).  I am from the southern water tribe. I was a waterbender there, but Katara and Sokka never said anything about me? Did they? Well, I guess it's not there fault. They forgot almost everything after their mom died, but before that Sokka, Katara, and I were best friends. I still remember that I used to have a little crush on Sokka as a child. Oh, how I miss the simple days. I remember the last time we played together. We were playing hide and seek and Sokka was it. He'd yell, "Sneak Attack" right before he thought he was close. Then he walked right on top of an ice fishing spot that was only a bit frozen up. Me and Katara both used our barely developing water bending together to unfreeze it right below Sokka's feet. We both giggled when Sokka kept slipping and was barely getting out of the water. It got so bad Hakoda had to pick him up.
After that game I could hear my dad yelling at my mother. I ran to our hut to see what was wrong. I saw my father, Tonrar, screaming at mother, Nukilik who looked so calm, yet ashamed somehow. I still remember the exact words they said. "So can you just explain everything. From the beginning. Without anymore lies. Please I need to know," my father, Tonrar pleaded. "Well, it all started on the day I went up north to see my family," My Mother, Nukilik responded.
"I remember your father hated me. So I stayed here," My father said calmly.

"Yes, well it took so long to sail there when it was time for me to go back I just took the land route in the Earth Kingdom."

"Yes, go on."

"Well I stayed their for some time. Made friends, went to parties, tried new food, and then I would move on to a new town. One day, I went to a town that was being overthrown by the Fire Nation. I saw a fire devour an entire house in seconds. I tried to help. I saw a little boy screaming for his mom and dad. I ran and rescued him from the fire. However, there was nowhere to run. Then, some Fire Nation soldiers cornered  us in the only spot not covered in the growing flame. I put that little boy down and told him not to move. Then I fought back," She paused.

"Wait you don't fight!"

"I can fight! I just chose not to. Anyways, The soldiers kept coming, so I gave up. I saw I was doing more bad than good. They took me to the Boiling Rock prison. Their I met, Lee, My guard. I...I fell in love. I'm so sorry. It took me long to make up my mind that I was in love with him. I'm sorry."

My father then looked down and a single tear ran down his face. "Never mind my heart and how it breaks every second we stand here! Just tell everything! Don't just stand there tell me, now!" He screamed with fear and sorrow in his eyes.

"Well then I will go on. Lee would always sneak me good food. He'd visit me in my cell. We'd cuddle. One day He asked me if I wanted to get out. Of course I said yes. So in the middle of the night we left. We used the lift. He had a boat and we left for Ember Island. I got new clothes and we stayed in his family's vacation house. We spent a Week on the town playing carnival games, seeing plays, and spending countless hour on the beach. It felt like magic. Do you really want me to go on. I can stop right now! Please," my mother pleaded. However my father just looked down and said, "I need to know before I make some choices." My mother looked down, gulped, and began again.

"Well on the last day of the first week, Lee took me down to the beach at night and said to me, "My love I can't lie to you any longer... My real name is Lu Ten. I'm am the son of the crowned prince of the Fire Nation, The Dragon of the West, General Iroh.  I'm  so sorry please forgive me." I said, "If that is so then why did you work at a prison? I heard Lu Ten was in the army with his dad?" He said, "Well they said I needed To become tough and if I continued act like this It would get me killed. So I went to work at that prison so I would become stronger. As can see it didn't work. I fell in love with you didn't I? Also one other thing. I have to go back to the army in two weeks so this is our last two weeks together. I have a feeling I won't be coming back. So I was thinking  these last days together could be really special..." I was so touched by his honesty and innocence... Well let's just say over half of the two weeks were spent in his vacation house.

My father looked down and clenched his fist. I saw apart of my fathers heart break. My mother was oblivious of my father at this point. She was too consumed of her love for this Lu Ten, but she still continued on.

"Well he did leave for the army. He left me heartbroken.  However, I am not that type of girl who sits there crying hoping for their love will come back. So when Lu Ten left as did I. I spent about a week and half wondering the fire nation. I even met a woman from the southern water tribe! Her name was Hama. So taught me some useful tricks. After what was surprisingly a year and a half, I decided come home. I paid some pirates to take me here with an old water tribe scroll Kya gave me. Then when I got here-"

"Then when you came here and acted like you still loved me. Acted like you were the victim. I should've known. Never trust a northern water tribe woman. Especially when their a non-bender. I swear when I'm done with-"

"As I was saying! After I got here I told you guys the truth. Somewhat. I said I was captured by the fire nation. I said I escaped with the help of a friend. Also after a warm welcome and a huge feast I gave you a years worth in two weeks. Then after three weeks I saw the healer and she told us we were having a daughter, " she said with a fake smile on her face. As if she were hiding something.

"Oh, no. Not my little girl. If you had you know with that Lu Ten guy then with me in about a months time who knows who's dad she really is!"  I saw another part of his heart go.

Then I froze. I remember thinking, "Is daddy not my daddy? Who's this Le toon guy? Is he gonna take daddy and mommy away from me? Why are mom and dad both so scared?" Then my mother said something that haunted my childhood memories.

"Tonrar, my love. I'm so sorry, but Soatikee is not yours. During my time in the Earth Kingdom I met a forchin teller. She had told me that I would have a child of fire. A princess she said said. However my love, we can not tell her about this. She knows only you as her father. She will be fine. If you are to be revengeful on someone let it be me. I'm the one who used her youth dishonorably."

"I told you I was gonna make choice and I did. You both are nothing to me now. So, you both shall die. I very sorry, but you leave me no choice."

Next, I the last piece of his heart and sanity broke. I saw my father pull out a sword. I closed my eyes, but heard no scream. No pleads for forgiveness. Only a loud "Hey!" from my father. When I opened my eyes I saw my mother somehow bending my father's body. She forced him to the ground and said, "Oh, guess what honey. Another thing I lied about, I'm bender.  Now, I still have feeling for you and we have a daughter. A beautiful daughter. Please my love, don't tell Soatikee. She's so very young and innocent. We can live together forever just like you always wanted! What do you say?"

My father paused for a moment, smiled, then said, "Of course I will. You are my first love after all. Just please don't lie to me ever again. Okay?"

My mother then smiled let go of my father and hugged him. Both crying I slipped back outside before they could see me. Supper seemed so perfectly normal. Mom and dad were happy, but I was still confused. That night I went to sleep, I had a dream a big black monster with bright blue eyes tried to kill me and mommy. I woke up with my fathers hands on my neck. It was so dark. He looked just the monster in my dream. Those bright blue eyes so filled with hatred. I remember sinking into my bed as his dark bare hand pushed down.  His other hand covering my mouth. I fought against his force but it was no use. He was too strong. I closed my eyes for I thought I would die. The tears that ran down my face felt like acid. Then, I felt his grip loosen up on my neck.  He fell on the floor moving like a monster. I saw my mother crying as she moved him closer to herself. She asked him, "Why? Why her? Why not me instead?" "She would've been first because it would've made you suffer the same way you made me suffer. I would've killed you the moment I found that box of Fire and Earth nation clothes, trinkets, and paintings.     Besides Soatikee is not even mine," he chuckled evilly. My mother then flinched looked to the side and shed a tear of shear regret. "I'm so very sorry it has to end this way, Tonrar my love," She then told me to cover my eyes. When I did I heard a crack and felt something splatter on my face. I opened my eyes and saw my dad face down on the floor in a pool of his own blood. The room stained with bright red. My mother in the corner of the room sobbing violently. I was so young, I just sat up there covered in my father's blood in the middle of the night. After about three minutes still in shock I got up walked right passed my dads dead corpse, and next to my mother in the corner. I told her, "Hey, look at me mommy. Don't cry. We'll make it through this. Now, go pack your stuff. Sokka told me there's a ship headed for the earth kingdom. We can be stowaways. Does that sound like a plan?" My mother nodded, and we got to work. I got all my clothes and helped her get the rest of our belongings.

After we got on the ship, my mother was back to her strong, witty self. She told me that life would be different. That I would have to grow up a little faster. The next week of hiding on ship we were found, but mom made a deal with the men. She told me that she was doing favors for them. She did her "favors" at all different times of the day. I spent most of those days with the cabin-boy. He was about my age. He told me stories of the places he's seen.

Well after the trip the Earth Kingdom was over, my mother told me that we would have to become beggars. We faked our way up north till we were caught. My mother and I were only given a warning, after she offered to do a special favor for them. Mother was very resourceful during these type of situations. She always found a way to get of trouble. Once on a rainy day a really kind lady let mother and I stay with her. Mother talked with the kind lady during supper while I played with her daughter. Her daughter had the strangest name, Madeline. She'd let call her Maddie. We ended up staying with them for about a week and a half. During those days Maddie and I always played while our moms would talk. They seemed really happy together. Maddie even told me her and her mothers darkest secret. She told me their great grandparents came for the Western Air temple, and her mother and her were the last Airbenders. I told her my mother and I were benders too. After that day we'd play fight with our developing bending abilities. She always get me with a surprise wind blast. She was one of my best friends, but my mother and I had to go before the ice in the north froze up. So we left.
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